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The first contract for crating and shipping military supplies to Europe was awarded by the Department of the Navy during World War I. During World War II, when most of the men in town had left to go fight, E.A. Hodgdon hired more than 50 women from Northeast Harbor to work for the military crating and shipping effort.

In the 1940s Horace Bucklin took over the company from his uncle. Hoddie was a talented young carpenter and eventually the company became known as H.E. Bucklin. Both Horace Bucklin’s sons worked in the family business and continuing the construction of fine quality custom homes and the continued even expansion of the crating and shipping business.

Henry Ford, a long time summer resident of Seal Harbor, admired the crating operations in Northeast Harbor and decided to order crates for his cars. He and Horace Bucklin came up with a plan to get enough crates to his factory in Michigan. The Ford Motor Company offered a large boxing contract to H.E. Bucklin for the crating of his cars, that had the added bonus of keeping enough carpenters in town to build his house. The story is the first bill from H.E. Bucklin was for an advance on the crates. Ford Motor Company never paid any supplier in advance but Henry Ford himself ordering the accounting department to “just pay it.”

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